Yogi Theodorus

Yogi Theodorus Giovanni is a highly experienced professional with over 15 years of experience in managing commercial and development programs for major donor clients. This involves complex multi-sector and cross-cutting topics.

Yogi has a strong practical background and is very knowledgeable about project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, training, technical assistance, and program support and growth. He has a track record of creating customized solutions and strategic partnerships to overcome contextual constraints and achieve success. He has experience across different sectors such as agriculture, banking, finance, microfinance, government, SMEs, and climate change.

Yogi began his career in development, focusing on financial inclusion and community development. Since then, he has broadened his expertise to include approaches such as market system development for various industries, innovative finance for various types of financial institutions, and cross-cutting topics such as GEDSI and youth empowerment. He has a strong understanding of contextual constraints and partnership engineering. He also has experience setting up and managing programs for developing businesses and the private sector.

Yogi Theodorus Giovanni advises Spire on development-related projects such as market system development (private sector development) and public policy.

Yogi holds a bachelor’s degree in development studies and a master’s degree in public policy and agricultural economics. He completed the Springfield Centre Training on Market System Development, DCED’s (The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development) training on Results and Measurement, and Value Chain Finance from Connexus US. He brings critical skills in designing, implementing, and ensuring quality assurance of technical works, ensuring projects are delivered up to standard.

Yogi Theodorus Giovanni is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.