Yogi Priyantoro

Yogi Priyantoro has over 25 years of experience in a variety of fields, including trading, engineering consulting, marketing and research consulting, brand management and distribution, as well as creative industry management.

Yogi has experience in various industrial fields such as pharmaceutical, mining, banking, personal care, education, agriculture, creative, automotive, information technology, food and beverages, tobacco and telecommunications.

Yogi began his career as a business analyst in Bawanacaka, a representative for KIA companies in Indonesia, and even worked as a consultant for Bimasena Engineering , Acorn Marketing Research, AMN Advertising and Creative, Darya Varia Laboratoria and Medifarma Laboratories.

He has extensive work experience in marketing strategy, brand management, consumer and industrial research, distribution management, new product development, brand sales strategy and creative media.

Based on his expertise, Yogi advises Spire and represents them in meetings with senior management.   

Yogi holds a Maters’s degree in International Business from United States International University.