Samuel Chiang

Samuel Chiang has worked with the Dow Corning Corporation in Asia for 25 years. He is currently Managing Director of Aegis Intelligent Chemicals, which supplies specialty chemical solutions for biomedical applications. He is also a Director of Nano Health Asia, a manufacturer of OTC health supplements.

Samuel is able to draw on decades of industrial sales experience in advising Spire on chemicals, textiles, biomedical and healthcare research projects, as well as general strategic marketing issues.

Samuel has over 25 years of sales and management experience with the Dow Corning Corporation in the Asia Pacific. At Dow Corning, his responsibilities included development, commercialization and marketing of products in the specialty chemicals sector.

He has handled the marketing of specialty chemical products to the biomedical, textile, chemicals, personal care, oil and gas, automotive and food industries. He is also the developer and owner of a number of recognized patents.

Samuel has invaluable experience in training from his tenure as the head of the ASEAN sales training function at Dow Corning.

Samuel advises Spire on projects that require his expertise in industrial marketing and general sales best practices. He has conducted sales training seminars for Spire clients.

Samuel holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong. He is a Chartered Textile Technologist (UK), holds a Master’s degree in Fiber Sciences and a post-graduate degree in Textile Technologies from the University of Leeds.

He is currently based in Singapore.