Mahwida Nur Fitriasani

Starting her professional career with Spire, Mahwida has worked with the public, private, and development sectors on various research and consulting projects. She has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative approaches focusing on commercial, social, and political studies.

Mahwida focuses her career on research and consulting projects through a holistic approach. Her expertise is in managing end-to-end research and consulting projects mainly through a qualitative approach. Aside from the research and consulting projects, she also has been working to manage the capacity building and event management projects. 

Her education in business management and strategic communication enhances the understanding of commercial and social issues. She also broadens her point of view during her work for non-profit organizations focusing on developing a sustainable value chain for commodities.

Mahwida has seven years of experience in the research and consulting field. Her expertise is managing market environment research (business to business), consumer behaviour research (business to consumer), feasibility study, market profiling, value chain assessment, evaluation study, and political and social research. The clients vary from non-profit organizations, public, and private sectors, for instance, the World Bank in cooperation with the MoHA (Population and Civil Registration Agency), Ministry of Industry, Yayasan Care Peduli, Yayasan Save the Children, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa, Humanity & Inclusion, Solidar Suisse, Malaysia Franchise Association and Franex Committee (KPDNHEP), and various local and international enterprises.

She advises Spire on projects requiring her expertise in the development sector landscape focusing on the baseline, end-line, and evaluation study.

Mahwida holds a master’s degree in Master of Management from Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne, and a Master of Business Administration from Universitas Gadjah Mada.

She is currently based in Indonesia.