Dr Justin Hanse Lee

Dr Justin Hanse Lee is the Managing Director of Spire Korea. Dr Lee brings to Spire his experience in leading agro-chemicals, government and market research operations in Korea, and has been with Spire group for 19 years.

As the Managing Director of Spire Korea, Dr Lee has overseen the delivery of over 100 projects in Korea, including a number of global and regional studies for Korean-based clients. He has won several major clients in Korea, including Aegon Insurance, Austrade, LG Chemical and the Korean government’s Employment Information Service. He brings to Spire over 30 years of working experience and some 20 years of experience in leading strategic market intelligence projects in Korea, as well as an outstanding academic background in agricultural science.

In August 2023, Dr Lee was appointed as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Silver Business at Sookmyung Women’s University in Korea. At Sookmyung Women’s University, Dr Lee lectures on senior care facilities and residential welfare for the elderly, and participates in policy research related to the elderly welfare of the Korean government.

Dr Lee began his career as Project Manager of the Research & Development team, in-charge of agricultural chemicals at New Life Corporation.

He went on to assume the role of Business Development Manager for the Australian Trade Commission in Korea, where he managed over 30 research projects in Korea for Australian companies. He also coordinated bilateral business activities with the Korean government and facilitated inward/outward investment projects and partnership initiatives linking Korea and Australia.

Dr Lee subsequently assumed a teaching position in Australian studies at Sungsil University in Seoul, Korea.

He went on to take up the role of Project Director at Asia Market Intelligence Korea, where he headed the Korean business-consulting unit. In this capacity, he managed and delivered Korea projects for blue chip multi-national companies.

Dr Lee founded ITT Consulting, a Korean organization focused on market environment research, which subsequently merged with Spire Research and Consulting Group.

Dr Lee holds a BSc and a PhD in Agricultural Science from the University of Western Australia, and has studied at the School of Agriculture at Korea University.

In 1997, Dr Lee founded the Korea-Australia SME Foundation, taking on the role of Director and International Coordinator that he still holds.