Benjamin Foo

Benjamin Foo is Director of Growth Advisory with Spire Singapore. With 33 years in various regional business roles, he brings to Spire his broad and deep multi-industry, geographical and functional experience in helping enterprises in their growth initiatives, both organic and non-organic.

As Spire Singapore’s Director of Growth Advisory, Benjamin’s responsibilities include connecting Spire with and developing its business and research offerings for the burgeoning small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector there. He has more than three decades of experience in multiple regional business roles and from a variety of industries that will help Spire advise and support our client’s growth initiatives.

Benjamin joined Spire in 2023. Before that, he has amassed experience in sales, marketing, channel and business strategy management. With a diverse portfolio, he has served in senior roles in industries ranging from beauty care to sporting goods and the industrial and construction sector. His career has seen him take on business roles in China and Southeast Asia, and he spent six years as a director of market development for a Singapore-based SME, where he supported organisational restructuring, business planning, and optimising the company’s operations, among many other roles.

He holds a Business Degree from the National University of Singapore, where he majored in International Finance and Marketing.