Alec Lee

Alec Lee has held senior positions in Hewlett-Packard, Getronics, AT&T and Gartner Consulting.

Alec shares with Spire his immense experience in information technology (IT) and telecommunications consulting, as well as general business strategy.

Alec has over 18 years of experience in the IT, telecommunications and professional services industries. His experience lies in both business development and solution development.

He has formulated company-wide business and technology strategies, developed market and technology assessments as well as provided due diligence and competitive analysis for regional and global companies.

His clients include companies in IT, telecommunications, media, software, hardware manufacturing and the utilities sectors.

Alec held senior Asia Pacific management positions in Hewlett-Packard Consulting, Gartner Consulting Asia and the solution business unit in AT&T Solutions Asia Pacific. In these roles, Alec led a group of professionals to deliver strategic consulting, system integration and outsourcing services respectively.

Most recently, Alec held the position of Infrastructure Solutions Director at Getronics (HK) Ltd.

Alec advises Spire on projects requiring his expertise in enterprise IT solutions, including systems software, services and business process outsourcing.

Alec received a BS degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin. He subsequently completed his MS degree in Information Systems, and MBA degree at Boston University.

He received the Professional Certificate in Chinese Civil and Commercial Law from Tsing Hua University.

Alec is currently based in Hong Kong.