Code of Honor

Spire’s Code of Honor (COH) was developed by the Spire’s Senior Leaders Team in 2010 and was deployed across the Group, building on the ideas of organisation theorists such as Blair Singer. The COH lays down the rules of behavior adopted in Spire and aims to build solidarity as well as trust by ensuring that all Spire team members are held to the same set of standards.
The Spire Code of Honor:
  1. We put mission 1st, team 2nd, individual 3rd.
  2. We do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission and set high standards.
  3. We support anyone in need and help to complete a task.
  4. We do what we say or hold ourselves to account.
  5. We do not leave matters unresolved and we do not hold grudges.
  6. We go direct in a timely and respectful way.
  7. We decide and act on important matters with a long-term view.
  8. We admit, forgive, fix and learn from mistakes.
  9. We celebrate all wins. We recognise all contributors.
  10. We keep going for more wins.
  11. We develop each individual so we can develop as a team.
  12. We reject prejudice.
  13. It is everyone’s job to uphold the code.