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Why EVs are still not mainstream

EVs have been in the industry for 10 years, but their high pricing, and limited mileage and battery capacity are barriers to reaching the mainstream market.

Rapid growth of digital transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia will be seeing a rapid growth in digital transportation. More efficient and practical services like orders and payments will be provided to the community by the conventional transportation industry.

Tech Trends on Logistics’ Horizon

Tech-focused solutions such as autonomous robots and automated, self-driving vehicles, and drone delivery are helping logistics players push the envelope.

Automotive Sector Gears Up

The automotive sector is already recovering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, and even faster in Asia.

Will electric cars be more enjoyable to drive?

EVs are eco-friendly but what if they could be less stressful for drivers? Research suggests that driving EVs can be a pleasant experience due to less engine noise and vibrations.

Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Industry

With a population of around 97 million, Vietnam is the third most populous country in South East Asia after Indonesia and Philippines. The country transformed from one of the world’s poorest nations to a developing country over the past few decades and is now on its way to become a middle-income, industrialized country in the coming years.