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Frances Hamdani

Frances Hamdani Frances Hamdani has over 25 years of combined experience in qualitative and quantitative consumer research agencies, and a 5-year experience as a Senior

Bambang Tobing

Bambang Tobing He has over 26 years of experience in marketing research, especially for business-to-consumer in market segmentation, consumer world, brand research, 4Ps and loyalty

Yogi Priyantoro

Yogi Priyantoro Yogi Priyantoro has over 25 years of experience in a variety of fields, including trading, engineering consulting, marketing and research consulting, brand management

Market Strategies for CFU Enterprise

Spire shared B2B ICT development and competition trends at an internal telecommunications event, discussed winning market strategies with the participants.

Narrowing the Digital Divide

Digital innovators’ shift toward inclusivity by trying to bridge the digital divide is further enhancing the practical benefits of digitalization.


Leadership Succession in Spire

In this planned leadership succession, Rio Funayama will assume the position of CEO of Spire. Jeffrey Bahar and Japnit Singh will each assume the position of joint COO and will extend their current executive leadership functions with respect to Spire’s operations. Go Sakano will assume the role of CFO of Spire.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Indonesia’s Pivot to Teleconferencing

With over 171 million Internet users, Indonesia is the largest and fastest-growing digital economy in Asia. Indonesia’s digital economy is projected to swell to US$ 133 billion by 2025. And teleconferencing technology adoption in the country is relatively high when compared to its fellow developing peers in ASEAN.