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Plant-based protein-An alternative approach to food

Plant-based protein-An alternative approach to food

Plant-based protein holds the same position in the food industry that Tesla does in the automotive industry. With an expected growth of USD10 billion by 2022 , it will potentially constitute one-third of the global food market by 2050 . The fourth Industrial Revolution is underway and plant-protein is at the forefront of this much-needed transformation in agriculture . Can plant-based food systems ensure global sustainability?

Unwrapped: 2023 Holiday Shopping Surge

Innovative marketing, enticing deals, and the rise of omnichannel shopping drive a surge in global Christmas sales, reaching an estimated US$2.8 trillion in 2023.


Franchising allows a business to standardize and make its operations consistent across a variety of locations, achieving efficiency and regular quality levels. Many small to mid-sized businesses seeking to scale and grow their business turn to franchising.

The future of leather industry in Garut

Return of tourist to Garut boosted sales of leather goods and led to increase in production. Collaborating with the tourism and creative industries as well as digitalising can help the leather industry grow.

Robust coffee growth in Asia

Southeast Asian countries’ embrace of both local and imported coffee brands drives the robust growth of coffee sales in the region.