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Spire hỗ trợ Công ty của bạn bằng việc cung cấp các thông tin về qui mô thị trường và các chiến lược khả thi, các giải pháp hướng tới việc tiếp cận thị trường mới một cách thành công. Chúng tôi gặt hái được nhiều thành công trong việc hỗ trợ các doanh nghiệp bước ra thị trường quốc tế, bao gồm nhượng quyền, xuất khẩu, cấp phép, hợp tác và mua lại.

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Spire hỗ trợ các công ty xây dựng chiến lược tăng trưởng với các hoạt động tiếp cận phân khúc thị trường mới, thu hút thêm nhiều khách hàng, gia tăng nhu cầu sử dụng sản phẩm, nhằm mục tiêu gia tăng thị phần.

Các chính sách Xã hội và Chính sách công

Spire đạt được thành tích đáng kể trong việc hợp tác với các cơ quan khu vực công ở cả các nước phát triển và các nền kinh tế mới nổi, nhằm tận dụng tối ưu các chính sách công về xúc tiến xuất khẩu, thu hút đầu tư trực tiếp nước ngoài và giải ngân viện trợ ra nước ngoài.

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Spire hỗ trợ các Công ty nhập khẩu và các nhà sản xuất từ các nước ASEAN tham dự sự kiện Quốc tế lần đầu tiên của Identity Preserved diễn ra tại Hawaii, Hoa Kỳ
Các Công ty Logistic dành sự ưu tiên cho việc tăng trưởng của e-commerce thông qua việc tập trung giải quyết các thách thức chính trong quá trình vận hành cũng như việc bảo vệ dữ liệu khách hàng.
Spire Research and Consulting kỷ niệm 22 năm thành lập với chiến thắng tại hạng mục Agency uy tín nhất tại MARKETING INTERACTIVE năm 2022.

Global Reach:Bringing insights closer to you

We believe that you deserve the best support you need. Discover our offices in your local region

Global Reach:Bringing insights closer to you

We believe that you deserve the best support you need. Discover our offices in your local region

We Value Our Clients

We work with more than 3,000 clients worldwide. These are what Spire clients are saying.

U.S. Dairy Export Council
“It was sincerely a pleasure working with the team at Spire on multifaceted research projects from 2017-2019. Spire’s multidimensional expertise in conducting both consumer and trade research, solid approach and counsel on study methodology and design, as well as strength in distilling the key findings and recommendations into business actionable insights has been very valuable in guiding development of our marketing strategies and messaging across the Southeast Asia region. The Spire team is also consistently dedicated to achieving excellence and client satisfaction, taking time to truly understand and be responsive to our unique needs. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Spire again on future projects.”
Kristi Saitama
Vice President, Ingredients Marketing
GE Money, Singapore
“We have been very happy with the work done by Spire Research and Consulting in supporting the launch of the ezyCash brand. The research analysis and mapping gave us keen insights to the market, thereby enabling us to make a successful entry into the Singapore market. We would also like to commend the commitment / service level provided by the team at Spire!”
Rahul Gupta
Former Chief Marketing & CRM Officer
Hewlett-Packard Asia-Pacific, Singapore
“Thank you for the great and detailed work! Spire Research has helped us fulfill a unique business process assignment with value-added and acted as a feedback mechanism on our investment dollars and potential benefits!”
Alex Ng
Project Manager, CRM and Sales Tools IT for PSG Asia Pacific & Japan
Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction, Singapore
“We engaged Spire to provide market analysis in support of our business development efforts in Asia. Spire’s report proved to be highly reliable and actionable. It was most valuable in helping Hitachi Plant to identify and exploit concrete market opportunities to grow our business. We have worked with Spire on multiple projects and we expect to continue our partnership with them into the future.”
Quah Boon Tiong
Director of Finance and Administration
Innovation Norway
“Spire did a market research and report on Indonesian aquafarming for us with multiple purposes: to give the Norwegian industry an introduction to this market, to display business opportunities, and to give recommendations on how to enter into business. With the report based in a very comprehensive data catch, Spire has been able to provide an easy but thorough introduction to a big and complex market and with relevant and well-founded recommendations. Feedback tells us that the Norwegian industry appreciates the work done. It has been a pleasure to work together with the Spire team. A common understanding of goals and quality requirements has made cooperation easy.”
Ole Schanke Eikum
Commercial Counselor / Director
KONE, Singapore
“Spire prepared a market research project for KONE in South Asia that met our expectations in all regards. We were very comfortable with the presentations made and the backup research documentation that was provided. The Spire recommendations will help guide as we make our decisions to expand our business. We have no doubt that we will use their expertise in a future project.”
David McFadden
Regional Executive Director
SK Telecom
“Working with Spire was a pleasant experience. At first, I assumed that we would only receive a market research report on the e-commerce business. However at the end of project, they presented their insightful strategic direction and creative business suggestion, which had far exceeded our expectation. Since then, I have recommended Spire to my colleagues with no hesitation.”
Sue Song
Regional Manager, South East Asia, Global IPE Division