Month: January 2022

Automotive Sector Gears Up

The automotive sector is already recovering from the economic consequences of the pandemic, and even faster in Asia.

Future of Space Tourism

In 2021, more than a dozen leisure travellers made it to the outer space, showing that it is possible. 2022 could reveal what we are going to do up there.

Evolving Education Landscape

As the education landscape continues to evolve, self and company funded adult education is becoming more popular. There is also a need to focus on attributes that are less replicable by machines and artificial intelligence.

ESG for businesses in Indonesia

ESG could help organizations face future challenges and also improve employee productivity, reduce operational costs, and boost stocks performance.

Pandemic will drive AI, biotech in 2022

The technology industry, which like many others, has been hit and has had to adapt to the evolving pandemic. AI is one of the factors that will help drive breakthroughs and bring more products and services to market faster.

2022 Recovery or Resurgence

2022: Recovery or Resurgence?

In the first of a three-part Spirethoughts instalment examining analysts’ predictions for the new year ahead, we look at 3 economic and social trends that are likely to affect the global economy in 2022.