Month: March 2020

EU offers more market access to Vietnam

EU lawmakers voted to open its market wider to the ASEAN country in a deal that will eliminate 99% of tariffs on Vietnamese goods, with a transition period of up to 10 years on some imports.

Will electric cars be more enjoyable to drive?

EVs are eco-friendly but what if they could be less stressful for drivers? Research suggests that driving EVs can be a pleasant experience due to less engine noise and vibrations.

Vietnam’s Renewable Energy Industry

With a population of around 97 million, Vietnam is the third most populous country in South East Asia after Indonesia and Philippines. The country transformed from one of the world’s poorest nations to a developing country over the past few decades and is now on its way to become a middle-income, industrialized country in the coming years.

Drones: Winging it like a bird

Birds are agile but now robots can emulate their movements. Using new insights on how pigeons control joints during flight by fanning their feathers in or out, agile drones could soon become a reality.

Renewable Energy- Vietnam’s up-and-coming energy source

USD148 billion of investment is required by 2030 to meet growing energy demand from Vietnam’s briskly-growing economy. Is renewable energy the solution? Spire Research and Consulting shared its viewpoint on Vietnam’s renewable energy industry in Tap Chi Cong Thuong -Industry and Trade magazine.