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    Rooted in global emerging markets, Spire enables its clients to overcome the limitations of traditional, “cookie-cutter” market research solutions.

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    Spire provides market research-based consulting across major industries. We serve global Fortune 1000 firms, governments and other leading organizations.

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    Spire’s research has been published by international governmental agencies and industry associations.

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    • Emerging trends, product categories and problems for the Silver industry in Southeast Asia
      Nursing Homes and Healthcare are Southeast Asia’s top two Silver industry categories.view
    • Renewable Energy- Vietnam’s up-and-coming energy source
      USD 148 billion is required in Vietnam’s energy sector by 2030 to meet growing demandview
    • Spire talks about ICT strategies at ICT market Movement 2019 in Yogyakarta
      Big Data and IoT will drive revenue growth.view