• Research Solutions

    Rooted in global emerging markets, Spire enables its clients to overcome the limitations of traditional, “cookie-cutter” market research solutions.

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    Spire provides market research-based consulting across major industries. We serve global Fortune 1000 firms, governments and other leading organizations.

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    Spire’s research has been published by international governmental agencies and industry associations.

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    • Singapore to roll out automated tray return systems at hawker centers
      Since cash is still king at hawker centers, would customers’ accept digital refunds?view
    • Spire addresses cross-border e-commerce challenges across SEA at GSCC’s webinar series
      Cross-border e-commerce transactions in ASEAN-6 countries set to grow by 38% in 2018-19.view
    • China all set for good growth in 2018
      State-driven investment will remain a key economic growth driver in 2018.view